The vision

The Vision

From the beginning, it has always been the goal of Our company to be experts within maintenance and get this discipline accepted on the same level as other engineering disciplines. It is Our fundamental believe that the potential within the industries of cost reduction due to better maintenance can be released to the greater good of society

Maintenance is not a new thing, so how are we different?

Based on Our experience four fundamental key elements were identified as cornerstones in our company. They are the basics for our day-to-day work and in all interactions, we have with each other, clients and partners. If the key elements are not fulfilled we have failed:

  • Joy: We have a workplace where people are treated well and where the social part is just as important as the technical.
  • Quality: High quality advisory is Our backbone. We are specialists within maintenance and it is fundamental that Our clients experience real advisory funded in the knowledge of Our employees.
  • Value: We work for Our clients and to generate value for them and to take them to the next level within maintenance. Look outside the scope and take actions to do the right thing.
  • Development: Our office is a place where development is the focal. Whether it is product innovation, personal development or business development – there is room and focus for it all.

Maintenance is not a new thing… exactly! But in numerous examples good maintenance initiatives have failed to be fully integrated. At Juel & Krøyer TeroTech our approach to overcome the hurdle of getting any maintenance optimization project fully implemented is founded in Our ™ Maintenance Environment approach (i.e. Our Technical Vision). In this all theory, maintenance KPI’s and “big data” are broken down in to a pragmatic implementation step-by-step guide, which sets the necessary foundation for any maintenance organisation.

Juel & Krøyer TeroTech’s Maintenance Environment ™ approach is the ultimate way to build Your maintenance management system. Read more about it here.