Our values

Our Values

As with Our Why, the values that defines the culture of JK TeroTech are a product of all our employees and it has been essential that the values can embrace and facilitate the original meaning of Juel & Krøyer TeroTech and the key elements of joy, quality, value and development.

In total, five values defines us.

  • Curiosity
  • Openness
  • Empathy
  • Trust
  • Integrity


  • Do not accept the norm as the truth. Challenge and improve
  • Dare to ask questions
  • Use in-efficiency and curiosity to develop Our clients and ourselves
  • Look beyond the scope, and generate more value for Our clients


  • Give something of Yourself
  • Be sincere – both towards clients and colleagues
  • Speak Your mind
  • Give and receive feedback – we work together to become better
  • Have fun


  • Respect others’ opinion and meaning
  • See things from Your colleagues’ side
  • See things from Your clients’ side


  • We trust each other
  • We involve each other, so tasks are solved optimally
  • We give and take responsibility
  • We are dedicated to the trust we have been shown


  • We account for what we do
  • High quality is undeniable
  • We work to create value, not just to work.
  • We use Our curiosity and integrity to advise – not just go along

The cornerstone of our company is to treat employees and clients with respect and put our integrity and the value proposition above all. The development and involvement of our employees are central for how we conduct business and our continued evolvement is personified in the team of employees that is JK TeroTech.