Technical vision

Technical Vision

Our technical vision is the driver behind our strongest technical value propositions and is a clear visualization of our approach to move Our clients in to the next level of maintenance moving from a reactive maintenance environment to a predictive.

Our signature Maintenance Environment projects take our clients from technical documentation, over FMECA to maintenance tools and benchmarking.

Technical Documentation

The technical documentation is the fundamental requirement for any maintenance management system. Without a valid, accessible and as-built documentation package the risk of errors significantly increases in all phases of the equipment’s lifecycle.

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Technical Hierarchy

As with the documentation the structuring of functional location, equipment and material numbers are essential for the correct facilitation of almost all the maintenance processes and activities. The technical hierarchy is central in most of our deliverables and an essential part of our kit service solution.

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Classification data

A comprehensive CMMS shall contain the right data at the right place. Our expert knowledge within what information is required where to facilitate the maintenance processes give our clients the unique value of minimum master data maintenance and the great value of vertical and horizontal searching and comparison.

A case story on material codification and warehouse optimization, here.


Juel & Krøyer TeroTech have a trademark FMECA methodology developed according to governing standards and optimized based on the years of experience with similar methodologies.

Our FMECA is the central part of any maintenance environment or optimization project. Our methodology is based on a unique collection of data and failure mode analysis from a variety of white papers and studies.

For more about FMECA JK and our signature Maintenance Environment projects, go here.

Maintenance and Spare part strategies

The maintenance activies, tasks list and plans are transferred directly from our FMECA report to the clients CMMS. This gives a holistic and documented background stored in the system for the decisions leading to the maintenance activities and spare part strategies.

For more about our signature Maintenance Environment projects, go here.

Maintenance tools

JK TeroTech is not a software provider, but we have the capability to integrate with all of the clients control and machine monitoring systems. We utilize these tools in building the optimal maintenance strategy to perform i.e. condition/exception based maintenance where integration with 3rd party systems such as System 1 og IOM are the facilitators for integrating data in to SAP.

Within JK Maintenance Engineering we have designed a graphical user interface integrates data from all of Our clients’ software systems, SAP PM, System One, IP21, Scade etc. Our machine access hub presents customized information for the individual employees and functions as the “machine” integrating data/information between the systems. A unique tool that is customizable for any maintenance organisation.

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The machine access hub is an integrated part of our maintenance management service, presenting Our clients personnel with the right data: maintenance schedule, warehouse stock, condition of equipment etc.

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Technical Vision is our driver for Excellence