The Story

The Story

Juel & Krøyer ApS was established December 2013 by Martin Krøyer and Christian Juel Adamsen, both with a background in the Oil & Gas industry.

The leap from good jobs to a title as entrepreneur was based on a desire to do things differently and to move our clients from reactive maintenance to predictive maintenance, thereby saving cost and increasing safety and reliability.

Two distinct drivers lay behind the establishment of J&K.

- We wanted to create the best maintenance advisory available.

  • Something that generated value for ourselves and our clients.
  • Something that develops and challenges us and our clients.

- We wanted to create a company where we enjoy coming – people shall feel good.

Juel & Krøyer should be, and has become, a place where innovation, development and joy goes hand in hand with high quality and value generation – both towards clients and within the company.

In all aspects of what we do joy, quality, development and value are the key elements. Therefore we do try to push the boundaries and have a very strong focus on the fact that what we create are for the clients… there are no black boxes at JK TT the data we work with belong to our clients.

Our team of employees are the true value of the company and they have built a culture that facilitates these key elements (read more about Our culture here) every day… this we are all extremely proud of.   

JKP Fieldservices

In 2015, Mads Pedersen joined forces with Juel & Krøyer ApS to create the company JKP Fieldservices. Mads’ technical competencies, entrepreneurship and sense for quality matched perfectly with J&K’s and the synergies between the two companies is something that is unique. The expert maintenance knowledge of Juel & Krøyer combined with practical hands-on expertise from Mads’ previous company (Mekanisk Vikarservice), has proved of great value to Our clients.

JKP’s fieldservice team live and work by the fundamental mantra of adaptability, quality and ownership. The core of all employees are that safety, initiative and integrity are the main drivers that ensure a task well done…every time.

Juel & Krøyer Maintenance Management

July 2017 the latest addition to the Juel & Krøyer family was added. Juel & Krøyer Maintenance Management was established to bring world class maintenance to clients with heavy industrial equipment at low capital investments. In JK MM we offer a full-service maintenance management service, where we setup the maintenance environment for Your equipment and manage the continued reliability of it. Our inhouse servers collect maintenance data and our experts monitor the condition to ensure that failures and unforeseen stops are avoided.

Present date

As of August 2017, our three companies are collected under the same mother company – Juel & Krøyer TeroTech AS. Terotechnology is the maintenance of assets in the best manner and originates from the Greek meaning of tero as “to care for”. And that is exactly what we do – take care of Your business. Juel & Krøyer TeroTech with its three branches, are the most comprehensive maintenance advisor available to You.

At the same time Juel & Krøyer ApS has now changed its name and format to Juel & Krøyer Maintenance Engineering AS. So the Juel & Krøyer family now consist of Juel & Krøyer Maintenance Engineering AS, JKP Fieldservices ApS and Juel & Krøyer Maintenance Management, all joined under Juel & Krøyer TeroTech AS.

More info

Juel & Krøyer Maintenance Engineering

Maintenance advisory, SAP PM/MM assistance, Master Data Management, Technical Documentation, Software, reliability studies, maintenance plan and maintenance management systems.

JKP Fieldservices

Manpower, mechanical repair and maintenance, compressors, turbines and pumps. Kit service for tools and spare part optimization.

Juel & Krøyer Maintenance Management

Full service maintenance management, maintenance software, condition monitoring and data collection.