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Helping our clients becoming world class within the maintenance field, by providing them with the competencies and resources their operation and maintenance department require to excel, is what drives us in our day-to-day work.

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Juel & Krøyer
Maintenance Engineering

Your advisor within Maintenance and Asset management. Our Maintenance experts provide Your Maintenance department with tailored solutions that optimize the assets’ reliability, availability, maintainability and safety – and Your competitiveness.

Juel & Krøyer
Maintenance Management

Taking care of Your assets so You can take care of Your business. We are the full-service provider to ensure Your equipment’s reliability and safety. We manage all maintenance related processes from technical documentation, over CMMS, to spare parts, logistics and job execution.


Your manpower provider within all major rotating equipment, mechanical- and marine equipment. Your guarantee for a comprehensive and high-quality job. We provide spare part kits that are built from hands-on experience so all Your jobs will run as efficiently as possible: Minimum downtime – maximum revenue.

Our recent activities

Juel & Krøyer TeroTech 48 days ago
Continuing the development and professionalization of our organization, we established our board in July 2017 and we are excited to introduce three of our board members, a highly experienced and talented group of professionals, who will govern and guide the organization’s growth and development. The Board members play an integral role in providing the resources and expertise needed to effectively solidify our company, so we can better serve our customers.
The board members are:
Torben B. Pedersen – Chairman of the Board
Mr. Pedersen brings many years of C-level experience within executive management, leadership, sales and strategy from several industries including trade, finance, production and technical services for a wide customer base. Mr. Pedersen has solid experience within business development, optimizing work strategies and organizations as well as successfully merging sales and technical departments towards providing a professional and efficient solution to customers. Mr. Pedersen brings more than 14 years of Board experience.
Kenneth Iversen – Board member
Mr. Iversen has more than 10 years of experience within the wind industry, thus possessing a deep technical and commercial insight within the industry. Mr. Iversen has been involved in many strategic processes in the supply chain, from purchasing, marketing, sales to organizational leadership. His experience and entrepreneurial mindset have given Mr. Iversen a set of skills and overall strategic business insight that balances with the potential of our organization and the development of our business in general.
Thomas Therkild Petersen – Board member
Mr. Petersen brings over 20 years of experience within technical management, as well as collaborative maintenance optimization within the onshore, marine and offshore sector. Mr. Petersen’s competencies match our areas of expertise and add valuable insights to guide our company to exploit market’s potential within Technical Asset Management and consolidate our services and methods, to ensure a successful and ongoing development that will shape the overall business vision and customer base.
Board Members Names
Juel & Krøyer TeroTech 5 months ago
As part of our continued focus on knowledge development and team building, we have hosted our very expected Learning Day, this time with a visit to Helicopter Wing Karup.
A very inspirational and informative experience for our team, to get insight into serious work with Safety and Maintenance. Their ambition and systematic approach form a path to follow for many of us.
Thanks to Helicopter Wing Karup and to our employees for engaging.
IMG 20180629 103057 1
Juel & Krøyer TeroTech 8 months ago
Thoma Therkil Petersen joins the team
Continuing our amazing journey of growth and development, we are thrilled to announce the employment of Thomas Therkild Petersen as our Chief Business Development Officer, he brings along many years of experience within Maintenance, management and business development.
Mr. Petersen will be responsible for ensuring the successful and continuous development that shall define the company for years to come. Our CEO, Christian Juel Adamsen explains: “With the employment of Thomas we have taken a new leap in Our short history. To be able to attract a capacity like Thomas I see as a proof of the quality and ambition of Our company.
With Thomas we will professionalize our organisation and bring Our services to a range of new markets. I am excited to start my collaboration with Thomas, and look forward to learn a lot.” Mr. Petersen will work closely with our departments responsible towards shaping the overall business vision and customer base. We look forward to, many new challenges and the continuous development of our company.
Thomas Therkild 2
Juel & Krøyer TeroTech 13 months ago
After a very busy period with all our JKP Fieldservices ApS guys out at Shell TA 2017, we finally got the chance to host our long-expected Learning day, a day full of Joy, Quality, Value and Development. Juel & Krøyer TeroTech A/S' day to get together, learn, be inspired and contribute to the continuous development of our company. An amazing day!
collage Learningday3